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God Is Holy by David Neal Bunting

God's Way Works by Edwin Crozier

Does Jesus Care? by Edwin Crozier

Recreated in Baptism - Part 1 by Edwin Crozier

Recreated in Baptism - Part 2 by Edwin Crozier

Using the Proper Standard by Edwin Crozier

5 Simple Rules for Bible Study by Edwin Crozier

What Did Jesus Do? by Edwin Crozier

That's Just Your Opinion by Edwin Crozier

The Story of the Glory of God by Shane Scott

For My Sake by Shane Scott

My Soul Pants For You by Shane Scott

Joyful Love by Shane Scott

Revive Us Again by Shane Scott

Fruits Worthy of Repentance by Al Diestelkamp

Why Do You Believe? by Steve Wolfgang

The Beginning of the Gospel by Steve Wolfgang

Does God Care How We Worship? by Steve Wolfgang

When Will Jesus Return? by Steve Wolfgang

Herod vs. The Church
by Tommy Peeler
(Ac: 12:1-24 read by Al Diestelkamp prior to sermon)

Commended to the Word
by Tommy Peeler

Tell Me The Story of Jesus by Tommy Peeler

Grace, Faith & Works by Tommy Peeler